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    • A covariant approach to LRS-II spacetime matching. 

      Paul, Erwin Roderic. (2017)
      In this thesis we examine the spacetime matching conditions covariantly for Locally Rotationally Symmetric class II (LRS-II) spacetimes, of which spherical symmetry is a special case. We use the semi-tetrad 1+1+2 covariant ...
    • New class of LRS spacetimes with simultaneous rotation and spatial twist. 

      Singh, Sayuri. (2016)
      In this thesis we study Locally Rotationally Symmetric (LRS) spacetimes in which there exists a unique preferred spatial direction at each point. The conventional 1+3 decomposition of spacetime is extended to a 1+1+2 ...
    • New classes of exact solutions in relativistic astrophysics. 

      Matondo, Didier Kileba. (2015)
      The description of highly compact objects in a general relativistic setting is a problem of present research. The relativistic e ects arising from the presence of the electric eld and anisotropy are included in our ...