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    • Smart materials for structural health monitoring. 

      Verijenko, Belinda-Lee. (2003)
      A new philosophy in structural health monitoring was explored, with the view to the creation of a smart mining bolt: one which would bear the normal load of any bolt used in South African gold mining tunnels, but at the ...
    • Smart structural health monitoring of mining support units. 

      Apsey, Jason. (2003)
      In the South African mining industry, the design of tunnel support systems is generally based on empirical methodologies that consider rockmass characteristics as well as the type of loading (e.g. seismic) that the ...
    • Trip steels as smart sensor alloys. 

      Bemont, Clinton Pierre. (2013)
      Upon deformation, TRIP steels undergo progressive irreversible transformation from paramagnetic austenite to more thermodynamically stable, ferromagnetic αʹ-martensite. The change in magnetic permeability is readily ...