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    • Extractives from the Meliaceae and Melianthaceae, and investigations into enamine chemistry. 

      Monkhe, Thabo Vincent. (1997)
      Part A of this thesis is an account of the extractives isolated from one member of the Melianthaceae and two members of the Meliaceae. Plants belonging to these families are known to produce compounds with medicinal ...
    • Investigations in dienamine chemistry. 

      Simpson, Richard. (1991)
      Reaction of the pyrrolidine dienamines of ~1,8a-2-octalones with methyl vinyl ketone is complex. In methanol as solvent, the reaction occurs primarily with the linear dienamine isomer and results in annulation of the ...
    • Investigations into the reactions of enamines and imines. 

      Rae, Bruce. (1990)
      The alkylation of 2-methylcyclohexanone imines using methyl acrylate has been investigated with a view to optimising the reaction conditions. The mechanism of this alkylation reaction has been investigated and it has been ...