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Exploring Festac Town, Lagos Residents’: observations on crime and the influx of unskilled migrants from northern Nigeria and other illegal migrants from Sahel Region.


In recent times, Lagos State, Nigeria, has been faced with a myriad of security challenges which is manifest in the increase of crime in Festac Town, a Lagos State middle-class suburb. These crimes are exacerbated by the influx of unskilled Nigerians from far northern part of Nigeria and illegal migrants from other African countries, particularly from the Sahel areas known as the G5 Sahel countries —Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad due to the many challenges faced by them which include chronic insecurity, lack of economic prospects, poor access to education, inadequate job opportunities and inadequate essential services such as water and electricity. Such incursions are believed to have significant security implications for Nigeria in general, and Festac Town in Lagos State in particular since most of these migrants more often unskilled and undocumented drift into the state, and then into Festac Town because of its economic opportunities. The activities of these unskilled and undocumented migrants have coloured how residents perceive them in the state. The objective of this study therefore was to explore the observations of residents of Festac Town, Lagos. Using a qualitative approach, a structured interview was done with participants in Festac Town. Mobilising the rational choice theory, the study explored and analysed the citizens‘ perceptions of illegal and unskilled migrants in the Festac area of Lagos State. The findings indicated, among others, that security concerns such as increase in crime, mostly violent crime, and political narratives like a ‖Fulani agenda‖ to take over Nigeria are significant observations that were found to shape citizens‘ views of undocumented and unskilled migrants from far northern Nigeria in their locality. The implications of the findings raise the need for an effective and unbiased policing approach; effective management of Fulani migrants from the North to the South of Nigeria, and other illegal migrants and their activities which will include handing illegal ones over to the Immigration Service; the rehabilitation of the skilled ones from Nigeria, and repatriation of the unskilled ones to their respective states of origin in collaboration with their home governments for resettlement and skill acquisition programmes.


Research Articles. Criminology and Forensic Studies.



Akpan, U.J., Bello, P.O. and Mkhize, S.M., 2022. Exploring Festac Town, Lagos Residents’ Observations on Crime and the Influx of Unskilled Migrants from Northern Nigeria and other Illegal Migrants from Sahel Region. African Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies (formerly Ubuntu: Journal of Conflict and Social Transformation), 11(3), pp.39-60.