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      Academic libraries--KwaZulu-Natal--History. [1]
      Agricultural knowledge and information systems; Cynefin framework; knowledge and information systems; Meyer’s model; sense-making; social capital; soft systems; Wilson’s model [1]
      Agricultural knowledge and information systems; small scale farmers; social science; paradigms [1]
      Alumni; post graduate Information and Library Science Education programme; University of Natal. [1]
      Barristers, information literacy, legal education, Nigeria Law School [1]
      Climate change, cultural heritage, legal deposit, preservation. [1]
      Development, information centres, libraries, poverty, social exclusion, South Africa [1]
      HIV/AIDS, Information, Higher Education Institutions, South Africa [1]
      Indigenous knowledge; agriculture; sub-Saharan Africa. [1]
      Information literacy; higher education;Nigeria;Tanzania;educational reform [1]
      Information needs; Information-seeking behaviour; Small-scale farmers; Tanzania. [1]
      Information needs; knowledge needs; small-scale farming; Tanzania [1]
      Information seeking; telecentres; Tanzania. [1]
      Information; agriculture; guidelines [1]
      Journal cancellations; university libraries; South African university libraries [1]
      Library 2.0, digital libraries, library technologies. [1]
      Library 2.0, Library 3.0, Library 4.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, semantic web, apomediation [1]
      Library and information systems and services; access to information; education and training; South Africa [1]
      Library and information systems and services; access to information; South Africa [1]
      Library services; people with visual impairments; people in wheelchairs; academic libraries; Tanzania; social model [1]