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    • Academic travel : travelling for work. 

      Ojong, Vivian Besem. (Kamla-Raj Enterprises., 2013)
      This paper endeavours to show how academics become part of cross-cultural production, cultural circulation and ideological circulation. The stand-point of analysis of this paper is the individualised process of academic ...
    • Anthropology of experience : touring the past at Robben Island. 

      Naidu, Uma Maheshvari. (Kamla-Raj Enterprises., 2013)
      This paper has a transdisciplinary orientation and is located in both anthropology and tourism studies. It draws on the seminal theoretical work of the post structural anthropologist Victor Turner and brings to the study ...
    • Creating an African tourist experience at the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site. 

      Naidu, Uma Maheshvari. (University of Pretoria., 2008)
      This article considers the example of palaeo-heritage tourism at Sterkfontein Cave, situated in a geographic area designated the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, or Cradle for short. The article looks at how a ...
    • Crime and tourism in South Africa. 

      Perry, Edwin C.; Potgieter, Cheryl. (Kamla-Raj Enterprises., 2013)
      The trepidation over tourism and crime has emerged as a global issue, gaining prominence in the media and political debates. South Africa is often viewed as the crime capital of the world and while crime rates in specific ...
    • Editorial. 

      Naidu, Uma Maheshvari. (Kamla-Raj Enterprises., 2013)
      No abstract available.
    • Glaring invisibility: dressing the body of the female cleaner. 

      Naidu, Uma Maheshvari. (University of Western Cape., 2009)
      The paper explores how the uniform of a group of female cleaners appears to be more than an abstract object framed by the practical exegetics of work. The uniform is seen as acting as a material exercise of discretionary ...
    • Perceptions around second generation female condoms: Reporting on women’s experiences. 

      Naidu, Uma Maheshvari. (Slovene Anthropological Society., 2013)
      This empirical study on the knowledge and perceptions of the female condom was cast against the assumption that the female condom could potentially be a powerful contraceptive tool whose use women could initiate and use ...
    • Performing illness and health: the humanistic value of cancer narratives. 

      Naidu, Uma Maheshvari. (University of Western Cape., 2012)
      Cancer is a potent example of a disease that grips and plays out on the body in ways that are both visceral and visual. This paper explores issues of disease and disorder, functioning and malfunctioning in bodies marked ...