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    • On convection and flow in porous media with cross-diffusion. 

      Khidir, Ahmed A. (2012)
      In this thesis we studied convection and cross-diffusion effects in porous media. Fluid flow in different flow geometries was investigated and the equations for momentum, heat and mass transfer transformed into a system ...
    • Singularity and symmetry analysis of differential sequences. 

      Maharaj, Adhir. (2009)
      We introduce the notion of differential sequences generated by generators of sequences. We discuss the Riccati sequence in terms of symmetry analysis, singularity analysis and identification of the complete symmetry group ...
    • Spherically symmetric charged Einstein-Maxwell solutions. 

      Pasha, Muhammad Akmal. (1999)
      In this thesis we study spherically symmetric spacetimes with a perfect fluid source which incorporates charge. We seek explicit solutions to the Einstein- Maxwell system of equations. For nonaccelerating spherically ...