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    • An evaluation of a school based vision screening programme. 

      Shaik, Rieaz. (1992)
      The effectiveness of a vision screening programme in government schools in the Durban Functional Region under the jurisdiction of the House of Representatives was evaluated. For the purpose of the study a Comprehensive ...
    • The incidence and distribution of ametropia in blacks in Umlazi. 

      Rasengane, Tuwani A. (1988)
      Age, sex, race, heredity, environment and nutrition have been found to influence ametropia. In this study, the distribution of refractive errors has been investigated in relation to age, sex, race, education and near ...
    • The oxygen performance of a contact lens on the human eye. 

      Postum, Krishnachand. (1989)
      There is considerable evidence to indicate that most gas permeable contact lenses do not transmit sufficient oxygen to supply all the corneal oxygen requirement. This problem is further exacerbated by non-valid methods of ...