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    • Planarity testing and embedding algorithms. 

      Carson, D. I. (1990)
      This thesis deals with several aspects of planar graphs, and some of the problems associated with non-planar graphs. Chapter 1 is devoted to introducing some of the fundamental notation and tools used in the remainder of ...
    • Partial exchangeability and related topics. 

      North, Delia Elizabeth. (1991)
      Partial exchangeability is the fundamental building block in the subjective approach to the probability of multi-type sequences which replaces the independence concept of the objective theory. The aim of this thesis is ...
    • Some Mal'cev conditions for varieties of algebras. 

      Moses, Mogambery. (1991)
      This dissertation deals with the classification of varieties according to their Mal'cev properties. In general the so called Mal'cev-type theorems illustrate an interplay between first order properties of a given class ...
    • Built-in tests for a real-time embedded system. 

      Olander, Peter Andrew. (1991)
      Beneath the facade of the applications code of a well-designed real-time embedded system lies intrinsic firmware that facilitates a fast and effective means of detecting and diagnosing inevitable hardware failures. These ...
    • Packing problems on a PC. 

      Deighton, Andrew George. (1991)
      Bin packing is a problem with many applications in various industries. This thesis addresses a specific instance of the this problem, known as the Container Packing problem. Special attention is paid to the Pallet Loading ...
    • A practical investigation of meteor-burst communications. 

      Melville, Stuart William. (1991)
      This study considers the meteor-burst communication (MBC) environment at three levels. At the lowest level, the trails themselves are studied and analysed. Then individual links are studied in order to determine the data ...
    • Conformal symmetries : solutions in two classes of cosmological models. 

      Moodley, Manikam. (1991)
      In this thesis we study the conformal symmetries in two locally rotationally symmetric spacetimes and the homothetic symmetries of a Bianchi I spacetime. The conformal Killing equation in a class AIa spacetime (MacCallum ...
    • Filter characterisations of the extendibility of continuous functions. 

      Maltby, Gavin Richard. (1991)
      Abstract available in PDF.
    • An application of some inventory control techniques. 

      Samuels, Carol Anne. (1992)
      No abstract available.
    • Speech recognition and blackboard expert systems. 

      Loureiro, Guy Marchand. (1992)
      Spoken language is used by people to communicate naturally with one another. A simplistic view of the communication process is as follows. Person A wishes to communicate an idea to person B. The idea, initiated in the ...
    • The theory of option valuation. 

      Sewambar, Soraya. (1992)
      Although options have been traded for many centuries, it has remained a relatively thinly traded financial instrument. Paradoxically, the theory of option pricing has been studied extensively. This is due to the fact ...
    • Application of backpropagation-like generative algorithms to various problems. 

      Powell, Alan Roy. (1992)
      Artificial neural networks (ANNs) were originally inspired by networks of biological neurons and the interactions present in networks of these neurons. The recent revival of interest in ANNs has again focused attention ...
    • Conformal motions in Bianchi I spacetime. 

      Lortan, Darren Brendan. (1992)
      In this thesis we study the physical properties of the manifold in general relativity that admits a conformal motion. The results obtained are general as the metric tensor field is not specified. We obtain the Lie derivative ...
    • On Stephani universes. 

      Moopanar, Selvandren. (1992)
      In this dissertation we study conformal symmetries in the Stephani universe which is a generalisation of the Robertson-Walker models. The kinematics and dynamics of the Stephani universe are discussed. The conformal ...
    • On the integrity of domination in graphs. 

      Smithdorf, Vivienne. (1993)
      This thesis deals with an investigation of the integrity of domination in a.graph, i.e., the extent to which domination properties of a graph are preserved if the graph is altered by the deletion of vertices or edges or ...
    • Ermakov systems : a group theoretic approach. 

      Govinder, Keshlan Sathasiva. (1993)
      The physical world is, for the most part, modelled using second order ordinary differential equations. The time-dependent simple harmonic oscillator and the Ermakov-Pinney equation (which together form an Ermakov system) ...
    • Relativistic spherical stars. 

      Mkhwanazi, Wiseman Thokozani. (1993)
      In this thesis we study spherically symmetric spacetimes which are static with a perfect fluid source. The Einstein field equations, in a number of equivalent forms, are derived in detail. The physical properties of a ...
    • The investigation into an algorithm based on wavelet basis functions for the spatial and frequency decomposition of arbitrary signals. 

      Goldstein, Hilton. (1994)
      The research was directed toward the viability of an O(n) algorithm which could decompose an arbitrary signal (sound, vibration etc.) into its time-frequency space. The well known Fourier Transform uses sine and cosine ...
    • A study of student academic performance at the University of Natal. 

      Naidoo, Robert. (1994)
      In this dissertation a study will be made of university performance in the Science Faculty of the University of Natal, Durban. In particular, we will develop models that can be used to predict the success rate of a student ...
    • Coherent structures and symmetry properties in nonlinear models used in theoretical physics. 

      Harin, Alexander O. (1994)
      This thesis is devoted to two aspects of nonlinear PDEs which are fundamental for the understanding of the order and coherence observed in the underlying physical systems. These are symmetry properties and soliton ...