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    • Algebraic graph theoretic applications to cryptography. 

      Mafunda, Sonwabile Templeton. (2015)
      Abstract available in PDF file.
    • Cluster mass reconstruction via gravitational lensing. 

      Musonda, Ededias. (2009)
      The presence of massive objects is detectable in observations via the gravitational lensing effect on light from more distant sources. From this effect it is possible to reconstruct the masses of clusters, and the distribution ...
    • Global embeddings of pseudo-Riemannian spaces. 

      Moodley, Jothi. (2007)
      Motivated by various higher dimensional theories in high-energy-physics and cosmology, we consider the local and global isometric embeddings of pseudo-Riemannian manifolds into manifolds of higher dimensions. We provide ...
    • On the logics of algebra. 

      Barbour, Graham. (2008)
      We present and consider a number of logics that arise naturally from universal algebraic considerations, but which are ‘inherently unalgebraizable’ in the sense of [BP89a], essentially because they have no theo- rems. Of ...