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    • Is it so bad to be called a snake? 

      Mare, Gerhard. (The Witness., 2009-04-21)
      Any society is as strong as the shared beliefs and values its members hold. When the social unit is a country — such as is the case when we claim democratic rights through shared citizenship — then understanding and ...
    • Making a distinction. 

      Mare, Gerhard. (The Witness., 2009-09-23)
      The Penguin dictionary defines racism as, first, “the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities”; and, second, as “hostility towards or discrimination against people of a race other than ...
    • SA - a place for everyone? 

      Mare, Gerhard. (The Witness., 2009-08-31)
      A small furore about a big issue was recently created when the ANC Youth League’s Julius Malema strongly criticised the dominance of the state’s ‘economic cluster’ by individuals drawn from ‘minorities’. It appeared that ...