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    • Association of polymorphisms in the LEDGF/p75 gene (PSIP1) with susceptibility to HIV-1 infection and disease progression. 

      Madlala, Paradise Z.; Gijsbers, Rik.; Christ, Frauke.; Hombrouck, Anneleen.; Werner, Lise.; Mlisana, Koleka Patience.; An, Ping.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Winkler, Cheryl A.; Debyser, Zeger.; Ndung'u, Thumbi. (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins., 2011-06-10)
      Objective: LEDGF/p75, encoded by the PSIP1 gene, interacts with HIV-1 integrase and targets HIV-1 integration into active genes. We investigated the influence of polymorphisms in PSIP1 on HIV-1 acquisition and disease ...