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    • Conformally invariant relativistic solutions. 

      Maharaj, M. S. (1993)
      The study of exact solutions to the Einstein and Einstein-Maxwell field equations, by imposing a symmetry requirement on the manifold, has been the subject of much recent research. In this thesis we consider specifically ...
    • Exact models for radiating relativistic stars. 

      Rajah, Suryakumari Surversperi. (2007)
      In this thesis, we seek exact solutions for the interior of a radiating relativistic star undergoing gravitational collapse. The spherically symmetric interior spacetime, when matched with the exterior radiating Vaidya ...
    • Spherically symmetric cosmological solutions. 

      Govender, Jagathesan. (1996)
      This thesis examines the role of shear in inhomogeneous spherically symmetric spacetimes in the field of general relativity. The Einstein field equations are derived for a perfect fluid source in comoving coordinates. ...