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    • On chain domains, prime rings and torsion preradicals. 

      Van den Berg, John Eric. (1995)
      Abstract available in pdf file.
    • On purity relative to an hereditary torsion theory. 

      Gray, Derek Johanathan. (1992)
      The thesis is mainly concerned with properties of the concept "σ-purity" introduced by J. Lambek in "Torsion Theories, Additive Semantics and Rings of Quotients", (Springer-Verlag, 1971). In particular we are interested ...
    • On the logics of algebra. 

      Barbour, Graham. (2008)
      We present and consider a number of logics that arise naturally from universal algebraic considerations, but which are ‘inherently unalgebraizable’ in the sense of [BP89a], essentially because they have no theo- rems. Of ...
    • On the status of the geodesic law in general relativity. 

      Nevin, Jennifer Margaret. (1998)
      The geodesic law for test particles is one of the fundamental principles of general relativity and is extensively used. It is thought to be a consequence of the field laws but no rigorous proof exists. This thesis is ...
    • Optimal designs for linear mixed models. 

      Debusho, Legesse Kassa. (2004)
      The research of this thesis deals with the derivation of optimum designs for linear mixed models. The problem of constructing optimal designs for linear mixed models is very broad. Thus the thesis is mainly focused on the ...
    • Polynomial approximations to functions of operators. 

      Singh, Pravin. (1994)
      To solve the linear equation Ax = f, where f is an element of Hilbert space H and A is a positive definite operator such that the spectrum (T (A) ( [m,M] , we approximate -1 the inverse operator A by an operator V which ...
    • Realistic charged stellar models 

      Komathiraj, Kalikkuddy. (2007)
      In this thesis we seek exact solutions to the isotropic Einstien-Maxwell system that model the interior of relativistic stars. The field equations are transformed to a simpler form using the transformation of Durgapal and ...
    • The role and use of sketchpad as a modeling tool in secondary schools. 

      Mudaly, Vimolan. (2004)
      Over the last decade or two, there has been a discernible move to include modeling in the mathematics curricula in schools. This has come as the result of the demand that society is making on educational institutions to ...
    • Spherically symmetric cosmological solutions. 

      Govender, Jagathesan. (1996)
      This thesis examines the role of shear in inhomogeneous spherically symmetric spacetimes in the field of general relativity. The Einstein field equations are derived for a perfect fluid source in comoving coordinates. ...
    • Stellar structure and accretion in gravitating systems. 

      John, Anslyn James. (2012)
      In this thesis we study classes of static spherically symmetric solutions to the Einstein and Einstein–Maxwell equations that may be used to model the interior of compact stars. We also study the spherical accretion of ...
    • Stratification and domination in graphs. 

      Maritz, J. E. (2006)
      In a recent manuscript (Stratification and domination in graphs. Discrete Math. 272 (2003), 171-185) a new mathematical framework for studying domination is presented. It is shown that the domination number and many ...
    • The thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect as a probe of cluster physics and cosmology. 

      Warne, Ryan Russell. (2010)
      The universe is a complex environment playing host to a plethora of macroscopic and microscopic processes. Understanding the interplay and evolution of such processes will help to shed light on the properties and evolution ...