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    • Anisotropic stars in general relativity. 

      Chaisi, Mosa. (2004)
      In this thesis we seek new solutions to the anisotropic Einstein field equations which are important in the study of highly dense stellar structures. We first adopt the approach used by Maharaj & Maartens (1989) to obtain ...
    • New analytical stellar models in general relativity. 

      Thirukkanesh, Suntharalingam. (2009)
      We present new exact solutions to the Einstein and Einstein-Maxwell field equations that model the interior of neutral, charged and radiating stars. Several new classes of solutions in static spherically symmetric interior ...
    • Some models of relativistic radiating stars. 

      Mahlatji, Matsimele Ngwalodi . (2012)
      In this dissertation we study radiating stars in strong gravitational elds. We generate new classes of exact solutions to the Einstein eld equations and the boundary condition applicable to radiating relativistic stars. ...