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    • Dynamics of dissipative gravitational collapse. 

      Naidu, Nolene Ferrari. (2008)
      In this study we generate the matching conditions for a spherically symmetric radiating star in the presence of shear. Two new exact solutions to the Einstein held equations are presented which model a relativistic radiating ...
    • Inhomogeneous solutions to the Einstein equations. 

      Govender, Gabriel. (2007)
      In this dissertation we consider spherically symmetric gravitational fields that arise in relativistic astrophysics and cosmology. We first present a general review of static spherically symmetric spacetimes. aand highlight ...
    • New analytical stellar models in general relativity. 

      Thirukkanesh, Suntharalingam. (2009)
      We present new exact solutions to the Einstein and Einstein-Maxwell field equations that model the interior of neutral, charged and radiating stars. Several new classes of solutions in static spherically symmetric interior ...