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    • The paradigms of mechanics : a symmetry based approach. 

      Lemmer, Ryan Lee. (1996)
      An overview of the historical developments of the paradigms of classical mechanics, the free particle, oscillator and the Kepler problem, is given ito (in terms of) their conserved quantities. Next, the orbits of the three ...
    • Parameters related to fractional domination in graphs. 

      Erwin, D. J. (1995)
      The use of characteristic functions to represent well-known sets in graph theory such as dominating, irredundant, independent, covering and packing sets - leads naturally to fractional versions of these sets and corresponding ...
    • Some amenability properties on segal algebras. 

      Olanipekun, Peter Olamide. (2017)
      It has been realized that the definition of amenability given by B. E. Johnson in his Classical Memoir of American Mathematical Society in 1972 is too restrictive and does not allow for the development of a rich general ...
    • Some notions of amenability of Banach semigroup algebras. 

      Adebayo, Mebawondu Akindele. (2017)
      Abstract available in PDF file.