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    • Scenario testing using OWL. 

      Harmse, Hendrina Francina. (2015)
      Abstract available in PDF file.
    • Settlement type classification using aerial images. 

      Mdakane, Lizwe. (2014)
      In metropolitan and urban areas, the problems relating to rapid transformations that are taking place in terms of land cover and land use are now very pronounced, e.g., the rapid increase and unpredictable spread of ...
    • Shot classification in broadcast soccer video. 

      Guimaraes, Lionel. (2013)
      Event understanding systems, responsible for automatically generating human relatable event descriptions from video sequences, is an open problem in computer vision research that has many applications in the sports domain, ...
    • Specifying a forest harvest scheduling system which includes wood properties. 

      Price, Catherine Susan. (2009)
      This dissertation aims to specify a forest harvest scheduling system which includes wood properties in the harvesting decisions for the long-term (strategic) planning horizon. This system will be used by plantation ...
    • Spectral techniques for roughness estimation. 

      Lewis, Mark. (2001)
      Roughness is a relatively untouched field considering its significance to natural scientists. In this thesis mathematical techniques for measuring the roughness of signals are constructed and investigated. Both one ...
    • Speech recognition and blackboard expert systems. 

      Loureiro, Guy Marchand. (1992)
      Spoken language is used by people to communicate naturally with one another. A simplistic view of the communication process is as follows. Person A wishes to communicate an idea to person B. The idea, initiated in the ...
    • Studies in heuristics for the annual crop planning problem. 

      Chetty, Sivashan. (2015-01-07)
      Increase in the costs associated with agricultural production and the limited availability of resources have amplified the need for optimized solutions to the problem of crop planning. The increased costs have imparted ...
    • Studies of heuristics for hostel space allocation problem. 

      Ajibola, Ariyo Sunday. (2015-01-05)
      This research work focused on the performance of heuristics and metaheuristics for the recently defined Hostel Space Allocation Problem (HSAP), a new instance of the space allocation problem (SAP) in higher institutions ...
    • A study of genetic algorithms for solving the school timetabling problem. 

      Raghavjee, Rushil. (2013-12-17)
      The school timetabling problem is a common optimization problem faced by many primary and secondary schools. Each school has its own set of requirements and constraints that are dependent on various factors such as the ...
    • A support environment for the teaching of programming. 

      Stewart, Rosanne. (1996)
      This thesis examines the effectiveness of a specially constructed computer based support environment for the teaching of computer programming to novice programmers. In order to achieve this, the following distinct ...
    • Techniques and countermeasures of TCP/IP OS fingerprinting on Linux Systems 

      Stopforth, Riaan. (2007)
      Port scanning is the first activity an attacker pursues when attempting to compromise a target system on a network. The aim is to gather information that will result in identifying one or more vulnerabilities in that system. ...
    • Using mobile agents to solve the distributed buying problem. 

      Reddy, Kamil. (2002)
      This study deals with the Distributed Buying Problem, that is, the problem faced by geographically distributed businesses when it comes to optimising buyer time and global businesses resources. It adopts a software ...
    • Vector graphics to improve BLAST graphic representations 

      Jimenez, Rafael. (2007)
      BLAST reports can be complicated. Viewing them graphically helps to understand them better, especially when the reports are long. At present "Web BLAST" and the stand-alone "wwwBLAST" versions, distributed by the NCBI, ...