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    • Performance analysis of cellular networks. 

      Rajaratnam, Myuran. (2000)
      Performance analysis in cellular networks is the determination of customer orientated grade-of-service parameters, such as call blocking and dropping probabilities, using the methods of stochastic theory. This stochastic ...
    • Quantitative feedback design and construction of a two by two system with large disturbances. 

      Boje, Edward Sidney. (1989)
      The quantitative feedback theory (QFT) of Horowitz is theoretically well developed for multivariable systems but there is not sufficient knowledge on its application to practical problems. A "flying machine" consisting ...
    • Real-time interactive multiprogramming. 

      Heher, Anthony Douglas. (1978)
      This thesis describes a new method of constructing a real-time interactive software system for a minicomputer to enable the interactive facilities to be extended and improved in a multitasking environment which supports ...