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    • Extractives from the Meliaceae and Icacinaceae. 

      Akerman, Leigh-Anne. (1990)
      The wood, leaf and seed extracts of Apodytes dimidiata, Turraea floribunda and Turraea obtusifolia were examined. Two new limonoids belonging to the Toonafolin group were isolated from the seeds, two known havanensin-type ...
    • Extractives from the Meliaceae and Ptaeroxylaceae. 

      Naidoo, Dashnie. (2001)
      This work is an account of the extractives from one member of the Meliaceae and one member of the Ptaeroxylaceae. In all, thirteen compounds have been isolated, of which four have not been described previously. Neobeguea ...
    • Extractives from the Meliaceae. 

      Monkhe, Thabo Vincent. (1991)
      No abstract available.