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    • DNA cleavage, photoinduced by benzophenone-based sunscreens. 

      Sewlall, Avashnee. (2003)
      The topical application of sunscreens is widely practised to protect healthy and photosensitive skins from the sun. The benzophenone-derived sunscreens, e.g. 2-hydroxy-4-methoxy benzophenone-5-sulphonic acid (or benzophenone-4) ...
    • Immunological studies of thymine dimer quantitation. 

      Kriste, Angela Gayle. (1992)
      Ultraviolet irradiation of DNA induces the formation of a number of mutagenic lesions. The most prolific of these is the cis-syn thymine dimer (formed maximally at 260 nm) and this has been implicated in the reaction ...
    • An investigation of acetone-photosensitised DNA kinetics. 

      Clemmett, Susan Joy. (1992)
      Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a potent DNA-damaging agent and a known inducer of mutations and skin cancer. The increasing incidence of skin cancer has emphasised the importance of understanding the mechanistic ...