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    • Homogeneous dioxoruthenium(VI) catalysts for the oxidation of alcohols. 

      Gokul, Vikash. (2000)
      Compounds of the form RuO2(Y-py)2CI2 1 (py = pyridine, Y = H, 4-t-Bu, 3-CN, 4-CN, 2-Br, 3-Br, 4-Br, 4-Cl, 4-Me, 4-C(O)C6H5, 3-COOH, 4-COOH), RuO2ZCI2 2(Z = bipyridine, phenanthroline) and RuO2(OH)2(Y-py)2 3 (py = pyridine, ...
    • Oxidation of primary alcohols to aldehydes and esters. 

      Mosia, Mamoeletsi Rachel. (1998)
      The initial aim of this research project was to oxidise Cr C4 alcohols to their respective aldehydes. However, isolation of these aldehydes was impossible due to their low boiling points. Another problem was the proximity ...