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    • An analysis of Sappi Saiccor's effluent streams. 

      Ismail, Fathima. (2003)
      SAPPI SAICCOR is a pulp and paper mill situated in Umkomaas, 50 kms south of the port of Durban in South Africa. It was the first company to produce high grade dissolving pulp from the Eucalyptus tree and is currently the ...
    • Characterisation of SAPPI SAICCOR pulp mill's effluent. 

      Moodley, Brenda. (2001)
      SAPPI SAJCCOR, whose factory is situated south of Durban, South Africa, is one of the few paper and pulp mills that uses the acid sulphite process with calcium and magnesium bases to produce a high-grade cellulose pulp. ...