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    • Codec for multimedia services using wavelets and fractals. 

      Brijmohan, Yarish. (2004)
      Increase in technological advancements in fields of telecommunications, computers and television have prompted the need to exchange video, image and audio files between people. Transmission of such files finds numerous ...
    • High ratio wavelet video compression through real-time rate-distortion estimation. 

      Jackson, Edmund Stephen. (2003)
      The success of the wavelet transform in the compression of still images has prompted an expanding effort to exercise this transform in the compression of video. Most existing video compression methods incorporate techniques ...
    • Parallel implementation of fractal image compression 

      Uys, Ryan F. (2000)
      Fractal image compression exploits the piecewise self-similarity present in real images as a form of information redundancy that can be eliminated to achieve compression. This theory based on Partitioned Iterated Function ...