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    • Channel characterization for broadband powerline communications. 

      Mulangu, Chrispin Tshikomba. (2015-06-10)
      The main limiting factor in broadband powerline communications is the presence of impedance discontinuities in the wired channel. This phenomenon is present in both outdoor and indoor powerline communication (PLCs) channels. ...
    • Extending WiFi access for rural reach 

      Naidoo, Kribashnee. (2007)
      WiFi can be used to provide cost-effective last-mile IP connectivity to rural users. In initial rollout, hotspots or hotzones can be positioned at community centres such as schools, clinics, hospitals or call-centres. ...
    • Power line communication (PLC) channel measurements and characterization. 

      Mosalaosi, Modisa. (2014)
      The potential of the power line to transport both power and communication signals simultaneously has been realized and practiced for over a century, dating back to the 1900’s. Since the key aspect of power line communications ...