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    • Abscisic acid metabolism in a Citrus Sinensis flavedo enzyme system. 

      Kalala, Maloji. (2014-12-23)
      This research project had its major objective the unequivocal demonstration that the plant growth regulator, abscisic acid could be produced in vitro from labelled precursors. In addition, this project was intended to ...
    • Biosynthetic origin of abscisic acid in ripening avocado fruit. 

      Guillaume Maurel, J. C. (2014-12-18)
      Mesocarp of ripening avocado fruit incorporated label from [2-(14)C]mevalonolactone, [1-(14)C] acetic acid, [1-(14)C] glucose and [1 -(14)C] pyruvate into ABA, although incorporation from mevalonolactone was significantly ...