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    • South African Indian English: a qualitative study of attitudes. 

      Wiebesiek, Lisa.; Rudwick, Stephanie Inge.; Zeller, Jochen Klaus. (International Association for World Englishes Inc., 2011-06)
      This paper focuses on attitudes towards South African Indian English (SAIE), an L1 variety of English spoken in South Africa. The attitudes of the participants are considered against the backdrop of the socio-political ...
    • The subject marker in Bantu as an antifocus marker. 

      Zeller, Jochen Klaus. (University of Stellenbosch. Department of General Linguistics., 2008)
      No abstract available.
    • Universal principles and parametric variation : remarks on formal linguistics and the grammar of Zulu. 

      Zeller, Jochen Klaus. (University of KwaZulu-Natal., 2005)
      Research on topics of an essentially African nature should be regarded as a cornerstone of learning at an African university. At the same time, this research must avoid becoming insular and parochial. The study of the ...
    • Word-level and phrase-level prefixes in Zulu. 

      Zeller, Jochen Klaus. (Akadémiai Kiadó., 2003-05)
      In Zulu, one of the nine officially recognised Bantu languages of South Africa, the predicate of a relative clause is usually modified with a prefix which expresses both relativisation and agreement with the subject of the ...