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    • A syntactic analysis of Kinyarwanda applicatives. 

      Ngoboka, Jean-Paul. (2005)
      "A syntactic Analysis of Kinyarwanda applicatives" is a study of the syntax of Kinyarwanda which focuses on applicatives. Applicatives are constructions in which the object of a preposition becomes the direct object of the ...
    • Kinyarwanda locative applicatives and the Minimal Link Condition. 

      Zeller, Jochen Klaus.; Ngoboka, Jean-Paul. (Southern African Applied Linguistics Association & The Linguistics Society of Southern Africa., 2006)
      The two objects of ditransitive locative applicatives in Kinyarwanda display asymmetrical behaviour with respect to syntactic movement. Whereas the applied object (the goal) of a locative can be extracted in relative ...