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    • A cross-linguistic analysis of finite rasing constructions. 

      Ademola-Adeoye, Feyisayo Fehintola. (2011)
      This thesis provides and discusses a comprehensive collection of empirical data that show that many languages of the world manifest long A-movement of the subjects of embedded finite clauses to the subject position ...
    • Representation of regular formal languages. 

      Safla, Aslam. (2014-05-17)
      This dissertation presents three different approaches to representing Regular Formal languages, i.e., regular expressions, finite acceptors and regular grammars. We define how each method is used to represent the language, ...
    • Scrambling in Afrikaans. 

      Louw, Frederik Wilhelm. (2012)
      ‘Scrambling’ languages allow arguments in a given sentence to be ordered in a variety of ways while leaving the grammatical roles of these arguments unchanged. West Germanic languages like German, Dutch, Yiddish, and West ...