The liquid-liquid extraction of Germaniun with the 7-alkylated 8- hydroxyquinoline derivative - KELEX 100.

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dc.contributor.advisor Salter, L. F.
dc.creator Pellow-Jarman, Martin Vincent. 2012-08-07T08:09:17Z 2012-08-07T08:09:17Z 1990 1990
dc.description Thesis (M.Sc.)-University of Natal, Durban, 1990. en
dc.description.abstract Germanium can be extracted from aqueous solutions by KELEX 100 dissolved in an appropriate diluent. KELEX 100 is a commercially available chelating extractant containing the active constituent 7-(4ethyl-l-methyloctyl)-8-hydroxyquinoline. Previous work in the solvent extraction of germanium with this reagent has shown that germanium is extracted most efficiently at low pH. When the germanium is present in sulphuric acid solutions at pH less than 2, the extracted complex is GeL3+HS04-,however at pH 3 to 8, the metal is extracted as GeL2(OH)2 (where HL = KELEX 100). In this work, the extraction kinetics and equilibrium extraction of germanium in the GeKELEX 100 solvent extraction system is examined by AKUFVE and shaking assemblies, which both employ rapid mixing of the organic and aqueous phases, and by a quiescent interface Lewis Cell. The AKUFVE is a Swedish designed apparatus for solvent extraction, its performance and suitability for solvent extraction studies is evaluated using the extraction experiments carried out on the GeKELEX 100 solvent extraction system. Experiments conducted using an experimental set-up with a large interfacial area to phase volume ratio reveal that the extraction of germanium occurs in two distinct kinetic regimes. The first regime occurs in the first few minutes of an extraction experiment and is fast relative to the second kinetic regime which follows this fast initial extraction period and occurs until the extraction of germanium attains the equilibrium value. In this work an extraction mechanism involving interfacial reaction of germanium and extractant is proposed to explain this kinetic behaviour. An increase in ionic strength is shown to reduce the rate of germanium extraction in the Ge-KELEX 100 solvent extraction system. Modifiers, such as organic alcohols, are shown to greatly improve extraction kinetics. en
dc.language.iso en_ZA en
dc.subject Germanium. en
dc.subject Extraction (Chemistry) en
dc.subject Solvents. en
dc.subject Theses--Chemistry. en
dc.title The liquid-liquid extraction of Germaniun with the 7-alkylated 8- hydroxyquinoline derivative - KELEX 100. en
dc.type Thesis en

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