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    • Antibody light-chain-restricted recognition of the site of immune pressure in the RV144 HIV-1 vaccine trial is phylogenetically conserved. 

      Wiehe, Kevin.; Easterhoff, David.; Luo, Kan.; Nicely, Nathan I.; Bradley, Todd.; Jaeger, Frederick H.; Dennison, Sally Moses.; Zhang, Ruijun.; Lloyd, Krissey E.; Stolarchuk, Christina.; Parks, Robert.; Sutherland, Laura L.; Scearce, Richard M.; Morris, Lynn.; Kaewkungwal, Jaranit.; Nitayaphan, Sorachai.; Pitisuttithum, Punnee.; Rerks-Ngarm, Supachai.; Sinangil, Faruk.; Phogat, Sanjay.; Michael, Nelson L.; Kim, Jerome H.; Kelsoe, Garnett.; Montefiori, David C.; Tomaras, Georgia D.; Bonsignori, Mattia.; Santra, Sampa.; Kepler, Thomas B.; Alam, Shabnam Munir.; Moody, Michael Anthony.; Liao, Hua-Xin.; Haynes, Barton F. (Cell Press., 2014)
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    • Broadly neutralizing antibody specificities detected in the genital tract of HIV-1 infected women. 

      Mkhize, Nonhlanhla N.; Durgiah, Raveshni.; Ashley, Vicki.; Archary, Derseree.; Garrett, Nigel J.; Abdool Karim, Quarraisha.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Moore, Penny L.; Yates, Nicole.; Passmore, Jo-Ann S.; Tomaras, Georgia D.; Morris, Lynn. (Wolters Kluwer., 2016)
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    • Computational analysis of antibody dynamics identifies recent HIV-1 infection. 

      Seaton, Kelly E.; Vandergrift, Nathan A.; Deal, Aaron W.; Rountree, Wes.; Bainbridge, John.; Grebe, Eduard.; Anderson, David A.; Sawant, Sheetal.; Shen, Xiaoying.; Yates, Nicole L.; Denny, Thomas N.; Liao, Hua-Xin.; Haynes, Barton F.; Robb, Merlin L.; Parkin, Neil.; Santos, Breno R.; Garrett, Nigel J.; Price, Matthew A.; Naniche, Denise.; Duerr, Ann C.; Keating, Sheila.; Hampton, Dylan.; Facente, Shelley.; Marson, Kara.; Welte, Alex.; Pilcher, Christopher D.; Cohen, Myron S.; Tomaras, Georgia D. (American Society for Clinical Investigation., 2017)
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    • The development of CD4 binding site antibodies during HIV-1 infection. 

      Lynch, Rebecca M.; Tran, Lillian.; Louder, Mark K.; Schmidt, Stefan D.; Cohen, Myron.; DerSimonian, Rebecca.; Euler, Zelda.; Gray, Elin S.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Kirchherr, Jennifer.; Montefiori, David C.; Sibeko, Sengeziwe.; Soderberg, Kelly.; Tomaras, Georgia D.; Yang, Zhi-Yong.; Nabel, Gary J.; Schuitemaker, Hanneke.; Morris, Lynn.; Haynes, Barton F.; Mascola, John R. (American Society for Microbiology., 2012-07)
      Broadly neutralizing antibodies to the CD4 binding site (CD4bs) of gp120 are generated by some HIV-1-infected individuals, but little is known about the prevalence and evolution of this antibody response during the course ...
    • Distinct genital tract HIV-specific antibody profiles associated with tenofovir gel. 

      Archary, Derseree.; Seaton, Kelly E.; Passmore, Jo-Ann S.; Werner, Lise.; Deal, Aaron.; Dunphy, Laura J.; Arnold, Kelly B.; Yates, Nicole L.; Lauffenburger, Douglas A.; Bergin, Philip.; Liebenberg, Lenine J.; Samsunder, Natasha.; Mureithi, Marianne W.; Altfeld, Marcus.; Garrett, Nigel J.; Abdool Karim, Quarraisha.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Morris, Lynn.; Tomaras, Georgia D. (Nature., 2016)
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    • HIV-1 specific IgA detected in vaginal secretions of HIV uninfected women participating in a microbicide trial in Southern Africa are primarily directed toward gp120 and gp140 specificities. 

      Seaton, Kelly E.; Ballweber, Lamar.; Lan, Audrey.; Donathan, Michele.; Hughes, Sean.; Vojtech, Lucia.; Moody, M. Anthony.; Liao, Hua-Xin.; Haynes, Barton F.; Galloway, Christine G.; Richardson, Barbra A.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Dezzutti, Charlene S.; McElrath, M. Juliana.; Tomaras, Georgia D.; Hladik, Florian. (Public Library of Science., 2014)
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    • Initial B-Cell responses to transmitted human immunodeficiency virus type 1: virion-binding immunoglobulin M (IgM) and IgG antibodies followed by plasma anti-gp41 antibodies with ineffective control of initial viremia. 

      Tomaras, Georgia D.; Yates, Nicole L.; Liu, Pinghuang.; Qin, Li.; Fouda, Genevieve G.; Chavez, Leslie L.; Decamp, Allan C.; Parks, Robert J.; Ashley, Vicki C.; Lucas, Judith T.; Cohen, Myron.; Eron, Joseph.; Hick, Charles B.; Liao, Hua-Xin.; Self, Steven G.; Landucci, Gary.; Forthal, Donald N.; Weinhold, Kent J.; Keele, Brandon F.; Hahn, Beatrice H.; Greenberg, Michael L.; Morris, Lynn.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Blattner, William A.; Montefiori, David C.; Shaw, George M.; Perelson, Alan S.; Haynes, Barton F. (American Society for Microbiology., 2008)
      A window of opportunity for immune responses to extinguish human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) exists from the moment of transmission through establishment of the latent pool of HIV-1-infected cells. A critical ...
    • Isolation of a human anti-HIV gp41 membrane proximal region neutralizing antibody by antigen-specific single B cell sorting. 

      Morris, Lynn.; Chen, Xi.; Alam, Shabnam Munir.; Tomaras, Georgia D.; Zhang, Ruijun.; Marshall, Dawn.; Chen, Bing.; Parks, Robert J.; Foulger, Andrew.; Jaeger, Frederick.; Donathan, Michele.; Bilska, Mira.; Gray, Elin S.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Kepler, Thomas B.; Whitesides, John.; Montefiori, David C.; Moody, M. Anthony.; Liao, Hua-Xin.; Haynes, Barton F. (Plos., 2011)
      Broadly neutralizing antibodies are not commonly produced in HIV-1 infected individuals nor by experimental HIV-1 vaccines. When these antibodies do occur, it is important to be able to isolate and characterize them to ...
    • Isolation of a Monoclonal Antibody That Targets the Alpha-2 Helix of gp120 and Represents the Initial Autologous Neutralizing-Antibody Response in an HIV-1 Subtype C-Infected Individual. 

      Gray, Elin S.; Moody, M. Anthony.; Wibmer, Constantinos Kurt.; Chen, Xi.; Marshall, Dawn.; Amos, Joshua.; Moore, Penny L.; Foulger, Andrew.; Yu, Jae-Sung.; Lambson, Bronwen E.; Abdool Karim, Salim Safurdeen.; Whitesides, John.; Tomaras, Georgia D.; Haynes, Barton F.; Morris, Lynn.; Liao, Hua-Xin. (American Society for Microbiology., 2011-05-12)
      The C3-V4 region is a major target of autologous neutralizing antibodies in HIV-1 subtype C infection. We previously identified a Center for AIDS Program of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA) participant, CAP88, who ...