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    • Conformal motions in Bianchi I spacetime. 

      Lortan, Darren Brendan. (1992)
      In this thesis we study the physical properties of the manifold in general relativity that admits a conformal motion. The results obtained are general as the metric tensor field is not specified. We obtain the Lie derivative ...
    • Cosmological models and the deceleration parameter. 

      Naidoo, Ramsamy. (1992)
      In this thesis we utilise a form for the Hubble constant first proposed by Berman (1983) to study a variety of cosmological models. In particular we investigate the Robertson-Walker spacetimes, the Bianchi I spacetime, ...
    • On Stephani universes. 

      Moopanar, Selvandren. (1992)
      In this dissertation we study conformal symmetries in the Stephani universe which is a generalisation of the Robertson-Walker models. The kinematics and dynamics of the Stephani universe are discussed. The conformal ...